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COVID-19: An update from Wade Financial

We’re living in unprecedented times. So, in line with government advice, we have closed our offices with our advisers working remotely from home.

Our advisers are all set up to work remotely and can deal with calls, emails and video conferencing exactly as we would in the office. So, existing clients will see no tangible difference in the service you
receive from us. Face to face meetings with clients are clearly not allowed under the guidance.

Indeed, in these turbulent times, we understand that you might need our services more than ever. Keeping clients reassured, and ensuring your investments are well-positioned for when the pandemic subsides are all hugely important to all concerned.

As always, if you’re not already a client of the Wade Financial and would like to learn more about how
can help you right now, we’d love to hear from you. Please call the office or email leigh@wadefinancial.co.uk.

Key contact information:

Telephone: 0191 258 6500

Stephen Conway (Financial Planner): stephen@wadefinancial.co.uk
David Dodds (Financial Planner): david@wadefinancial.co.uk
Ian Little (Financial Planner): ian@wadefinancial.co.uk
Claire Coates (Financial Planner): claire@wadefinancial.co.uk
Leigh Cook (Business Manager): leigh@wadefinancial.co.uk

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