Wade Financial video guides

Welcome to Wade Financial’s comprehensive series of video guides. Whether you’re keen to get your estate in order, invest for income or optimise returns on your pension plan, our short videos can serve as the starting point of your financial journey.

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Please note that these videos are for information only and must not be considered as financial advice. We always recommend that you seek financial advice before making any financial decisions.

The benefits of independent financial advice


The financial world is a complex one. If you are looking to invest your funds, build up a nest egg or plan for your retirement, taking impartial financial advice can help you make the right choices. Find out what benefits an independent financial adviser could provide.




The importance of asset allocation


Investments will inevitably rise and fall over time, but the main goal is to optimise the long-term return on your investment. Find out more about the importance of managing the risk effectively and avoiding the dreaded three ‘S’s – steep, sudden and sequential losses.




Estate and inheritance tax planning


Most people will look to mitigate their inheritance tax liabilities, and the best way to do that is through prudent estate and tax planning. Discover more about the differences between the two, potential planning issues, and the importance of finding a solution that is right for you.




Cash flow financial planning guide


Cash flow financial planning, or cash flow financial modelling, is the best way to manage and organise your financial planning, looking at possible future outcomes. Prioritise your needs, prepare effectively and plan your financial journey using modelling software and a range of scenarios.




Optimise returns on your pension plan


How can you optimise the returns from your defined contribution pension pot? Learn more about risk and improving growth on your investment, as well as helpful hints to get you started. It really does pay to work on your pension fund.




Your guide to income drawdown


From the age of 55, you can drawdown funds from your pension pot – but it can become a complicated affair. Find out more about the factors which must be considered before taking action, and determine whether drawdown is the right solution for you.




Your guide to investing for income


For many in their retirement years, generating income from investments is particularly important. How much income do you need, and when do you need it? Review your income, expenditure, goals and level of risk to determine the right investment plan.




Your guide to life assurance policies


If you have dependants who would be affected should the worst occur, life assurance could protect your family or business. Find out the difference between term and whole life assurance, and determine the right level of cover for you and your family.




Financial planning for business owners


Are you a shareholder, director, partner or sole trader in your own business? You must consider both your personal position and the needs of your business when it comes to financial planning, and how certain factors could affect your retirement and tax planning.