Stephen Conway


stephen conwayI’ve been a Financial Adviser since 1991 and became an Independent Financial Adviser in 1996 working within various practices in the North East. As a business owner I feel I have the knowledge and understanding that adds real value to client relationships especially in the corporate market as we are often dealing with the same issues. I also know how business and personal lives become inextricably linked.

I have achieved the Chartered Financial Planner qualification and am now looking to progress to Fellowship. As a financial adviser I feel learning is a life-long journey with many people recognising the title of Chartered as the benchmark for professionalism.

No amount of qualifications help if you can’t break down the language barrier that exists in financial services and this is something many of my clients thank me for in helping them to understand their investments without the jargon many advisers use.

Like many advisers I came into the industry almost by accident but I can’t imagine doing anything else with the same passion. There is nothing more satisfying than helping people with their financial issues whatever they might be and helping them find the best solution to their problems.

I am now using lifetime cash-flow planning with selected clients in a way I never thought possible. It has transformed my relationship with them and changed our conversations. It’s now more about ‘their’ goals and aspirations and how we are going to make them happen rather than simply reviewing how each investment has done. As Robert Wubbolding said, “To fail to plan is to plan to fail”.

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