Lionsraw South Africa

Wade Financial are proud supporters and contributors to Lionsraw South Africa, a charity that seeks to mobilise football support at major tournaments around the world in aid of the local communities.

Since its conception in 2004, Lionsraw has been as far afield as South Africa, Poland, Australia, Brazil and the States, staging football tournaments for youngsters in impoverished communities, as well as helping to build a lasting legacy through schools and sports clubs.

We have pledged our support towards the South African legacy tour, where volunteers have endeavoured to build an orphanage and a primary school within the Valley of a Thousand Hills, one of the country’s most deprived areas. Thanks to their work in conjunction with the community, hundreds of schoolchildren can now enjoy an education that would have been unthinkable prior to the 2010 World Cup. These young minds, once too hungry to learn, now also receive two nutritional meals a day and dental hygiene care.

We all like a good game of football, but what Lionsraw do is so much more than that. They use the game to bring people together, communities and volunteers working side by side to improve their standards of living. We’re honoured to be supporting them.

Ian Little, Financial Planner

To pledge your support to the Lionsraw cause, or to get involved yourself as a volunteer, visit their website here.