Ian Little

A portrait photo of Ian Little in the Wade Financial office.FINANCIAL PLANNER

Hi there, I’m Ian and I have over 20 years’ experience in the industry both advising and helping clients to achieve their financial goals.

What motivates me is the joy of doing things for other people that ultimately result in them achieving happiness or the lifestyle they want. I get a great amount of pleasure from seeing contentment in others as a result of the things I have done.

And I suppose that’s what sets me apart in the Financial Planning world. Rather than chase profit, I prefer to give to relationships and find that this philosophy brings back more than I could ever imagine. The real pleasure (and I suppose secret) is that if you don’t worry about profit it seems to take care of itself, but only if you give 100% to a relationship.

My mother Jean repeatedly told me “Always put others before yourself”, a sentiment echoed by my good friend and life coach, Tony Wilson: “If you give wholeheartedly without condition to any of your relationships you will get back an inordinate amount in abundance.”

I love sailing and one of my long terms goals is to coast around the Mediterranean with my wife, children and possibly grandchildren in my retirement.

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