Cascade Cash Management

Stacks of coinsAre you getting the most out of your hard-earned cash?

If not, Wade Financial can help.

Using the innovative Cash Management service, we will construct and optimise your personal cash portfolio, making sure through constant surveillance that you get the very best rates against the current market.

It is a system that is tailored to accommodate your specific goals and desires. We will work with you to ascertain what you want to get out of your money. From there, the Cascade system will collate the rates of over 116 banks and institutions, displayed via easy to understand illustrations. We then construct a number of portfolios on your behalf, taking care of the time-consuming administration process and notifying you of any changes.

It really is that simple. No fuss, no stress, just consistently competitive interest rates.

If you are looking to improve your returns, your protection or your liquidity, we have the solution for you. Click through to the Cascade Cash Management brochure, or contact us for further details.