Wades Guide To An Easier Life

It’s your life but the clock is ticking. Here are some ideas to help.

Bringing Financial and Life Planning Together

Many Books and CD’s about Life Coaching talk about creating the perfect life and seem to indicate that you can be happy and on top of the world all the time. Well I just do not buy that, we are not machines we get ill and have good days and bad days. I believe it is more about the direction of our life and feeling in control most of the time that is important, it is also about having choices and not feeling trapped at work or in our personal lives. I hope that the following pages can help you stop and think about your life and the direction you want it to go in.  There is no perfect answer only good questions to ask ourselves and this process never stops as being in business and creating things is always a moving target.

Daily Tips (When Working)

1) Prepare a list of the most important actions you must do to move you towards your bigger picture, this can be done the night before in a quiet place and should only take about ten minutes.

2) Make a list of everything you need to delegate to others which they are much better at that you.

3) Plan what you are going to have for lunch and the fruit you are going to snack on during the day.

4) Get up early enough to enjoy breakfast and mentally prepare for the tasks ahead.

5) Plan the time you will finish work and sit down to have your evening meal and what that will be.

6) Cross off your completed tasks as you do them

7) Focus on the task and begin it do not let people or telephone calls stop you.

8) Try to drink at least two pints of water during the day.

These may seem simple and they are, that’s why I believe they work; planning your day gives you control and focus. Buy a notebook a nice one and use it to write you list in and any other ideas or thoughts you may have.  Planning meals properly also helps with keeping healthy and staying in control.

Weekly Tips (At Work)

1) Take a look at you diary and first of all mark out the times you need for you, this may be to exercise or play a sport or have lunch with someone close to you.

2) Divide the rest of your week into Action and buffer days.

Action days are those days where you are concentrating on doing what you get paid for, your unique ability.

Buffer Days are the days needed to do all the other stuff around the business like admin, research and planning giving you time to work on the business not in it.

General Tips

1) Make time for the ones you love, think about having lunch together or even just having a coffee together.

2) When you are not at work try to be not at work turn off the phone do not answer emails, it all can wait till you are ready.

3) Try to laugh each day and see the good in things not the bad.  Try to notice nature by going for a walk, be still sometimes, dream and listen to music. Make love and tell those around you every day that you love them.

4) Smile at everyone you meet and treat them with respect

5) Try to stay fit and get enough sleep.

6) Keep asking yourself good questions what if I did this, who can I learn from, what do I really enjoy doing, what should I let go of.

7) Success can be copied, seek out those who are successful and see what you can copy.