Planning to achieve your goals

Athlete with towel around her neckWell what a summer. A mixture of good and bad. Terrible weather for most of us and if it had rained much more I would have started building an ark.  The Olympics was great and Britain carried it off with some style. So much imagination in the opening and closing ceremonies.  Our competitors rose to the challenge in front of fantastic home support.

Sitting there watching it all made me think about what a human can achieve if the will is there. Many of us let our life drift by with no direction or planning. It is amazing how the years roll by and seem to speed up as one gets older. Lots of us are so busy at work and home that we never take time out to think about how we want to spend the rest of our life.

That of course is a big problem because how long do we have?  Can we assume we will also be in good health and those we love?

The major part of my role at Wades is to help with the route planning, letting you know when and how you can become financially independent and getting you to ask good questions of yourself so that you can find the answers. Yesterday is really a memory and tomorrow is a vision of hope but today is life.  So looking at lifestyle financial planning is about looking at making your life what you want it to be today and also looking at the future.

Everyone knows that unless you set a deadline or time frame nothing gets done, well it’s the same with the planning we do together.  Our Olympics athletes had to start with daily goals and set markers along the way to the actual event they took part in. It’s got to be similar for you, sometimes things change. Events can blow us off course and change our concept of what’s important in life.

If you feel you would like to start taking control of your life and to start talking about how this may be achieved, get in touch for a chat. Otherwise, all this rushing around and busyness may make you feel that you are not living life on your terms, or that you may end up somewhere in the future you do not want to be.