Could you help Pay for a Day at Marie Curie’s Newcastle hospice?

Wade Financial are getting behind Marie Curie’s Pay for a Day campaign, looking to raise enough funds to run the Newcastle hospice for 24 hours – and we need your help to provide that care and support for a full day.

Just £3 from each of our contacts will see us surpass our target of £6,584 – the precise amount required to run the hospice for a day.

Members of Wade Financial recently spent time at the North East hospice, based off Elswick Road in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, gaining a better understanding of how the nurses and practitioners enrich the lives of those living with terminal illnesses.

“Everybody is aware of Marie Curie as a charity, but seeing the impact of their work first-hand is genuinely inspiring,” says managing director Stephen Conway. “It’s not just about caring for people at the hospice; the support network for families is incredible. We hope we can encourage others to show the same kind of support towards Marie Curie via donations, no matter how small.”

Staff sat in the hospice with the residents, raising their arms into the air.

The hospice offers a wide range of therapies, including physiotherapy, acupuncture and relaxation, as well as rehabilitation and pampering services, all of which help inpatients make the most of their time with the hospice.

Ian Little has already dedicated time to fundraising for Marie Curie, and recently joined the hospice’s development board. His mother benefited from the charity’s services in her final days; now, the financial planner is keen to ensure that the hospice can continue to provide that same high level of care in the long term.

“It’s hard to put into words the difference Marie Curie’s work makes to people’s lives,” says Ian. “Astounding, uplifting, life-affirming; they don’t quite do it justice. The entire team put so much love and effort into making those last experiences as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. One small contribution from you can help provide more precious moments for families and their loved ones.”

How can you help?

You can play your part in our Pay for a Day campaign with a few clicks of your mouse. Follow the link below to pledge your contribution to our JustGiving page. Choose the amount you wish to donate, enter your details and confirm the payment.

You can add a personal message of support for the campaign, and share it with other friends and contacts within your network. Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation, adding 25% more to our total without paying an extra penny!

Click here to donate to the campaign via JustGiving