Action For Happiness

A happy coupleIt is interesting to see that Action For Happiness has set out a ten point guide to help us all achieve happiness,  well when we look at the way Wades helps clients plan for financial freedom lots of the points are included in the things we discuss and encourage clients to explore.  This further illustrates the point that it is not about the money,  after all the quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our relationships and most of what is good in life is a feeling.

Looking at recent examples of this with clients shows this, the excitement of knowing that you can finish work in a few weeks time three years ahead of what you had originally planned is powerful.  The client used to love their job ten years ago but as things change and our energy is not what it used to be, work becomes a drag.  Most people keep working until they think their pension is enough to retire on. Well cash flow planning can show how this is not the case and to how  use  all the your assets to provide the desired lifestyle. It saddens me to see that most advisers are still only looking at the money and products and not placing the client center stage.

Here’s the list that Action For Happiness have created, I like it but Wades have been doing this for years. So if you want us to marry your happiness with your money its quite simple come and have a chat.

1. Giving; doing something for others
2. Relating; connecting with people
3. Exercising; doing something for your body
4. Appreciating; taking time to look at the world around you
5. Trying out; learning new things
6. Direction; making goals
7. Resilience; learn from defeat
8. Emotion; taking a positive approach
9. Acceptance; be comfortable with who you are
10. Meaning; being part of something bigger